I think generously therefore I am in peace and harmony | Daily Astrology Meditation Mantra

There’s much to be gained when you are generous. Our generosity, at best, derives from a space of inner peace and harmony which exudes an abundant mindset that creates prosperity around us. Recognize that when are at the receiving end of kindness you are now in preparation to share your wealth. Just as when you are generous be open to receive. This is the universal law of reciprocity at play where give and take are mutual. There’s a transformative and healing element that derives from simple acts of kindness when we practice the universal law of reciprocity. As the Sun continues to positively illuminate our wounds we are healing, being in our generous nature automatically submits us to space of being spiritually lit. Our wellness relies on how we are living within the connection of our minds, bodies and souls. When these divine connections are aligned we then create balance between ourselves and others. The relationship you have with yourself is clear reflection of the relationships you have wth others. It is why self-care is vital to our wellness as it transpires the way you are treated by another. You are who you value. And when you dedicate time for self-care, it is valuable investment that is bound to gain lasting value that ultimately benefits yourself and loved ones. StayLit, Love.

Daily Astro-Meditative Mantra

“I think generously therefore I am in peace and harmony.”

(Six of Pentacles - Temperance) Sun Sextile Chiron + Venus Opposition Jupiter + Saturn Trine Uranus 

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