Illumined Love - Herbal Bath Bomb

Illumined Love - Herbal Bath Bomb


Invoke your inner light with our Illumined Love Herbal Bath Bomb

Illumined Love - Herbal Bath Bomb creates a white smoky herbal bath experience while cleansing your aura. Due to its valuable components, ie. richly sweet geranium essential oil, eucalyptus fresh aromatic essential oil, organic eucalyptus florals and natural fine bath salts, you are truly in for a divine bath treat. Our essential oil blend incites a balancing of your inner child while your nurturing spirit to enlivens positivity and expansive natures. Our fine salts from the caribbean island of Haiti gently detoxifies your body while clearing and relaxing your mind. Indulge in your very own self-loving meditative spa-ritual from Ancient Egypt where herbal baths were rituals of beautiful wives of pharaohs. Today you too can cast your illumined aura to light up your life! 

To Use: Add the bath bomb to your bath and allow it to explode and dissolve before getting in. Within minutes, indulge in your herbal bath and StayLit, Loves.


**StayLit, Love Bonus**

We recommend meditating when indulging in your spa-ritual. As a gift to you, access our guided meditation playlist here and choose your very own guided meditation. But for this illumined bomb, you should definitely listen to the Abundance Mindset guided meditation here.


StayLit, Loves.

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