Eucalyptus Love || Lit Sage Stick 9"

Eucalyptus Love || Lit Sage Stick 9"


Sometimes plain sage can be dull, so why not have a special blend to cleanse your space? The hand-crafted Eucalyptus Love - Lit Sage Sticks is a synergetic aromatic blend that both cleanses your aura and space while satisfying your senses. 

Organic sustainably-harvested southern California White Sage were used by Native Americans during religious rituals to clear out negative energies. Today, the practice known as smudging is used for spiritual wellness practices in cleansing your aura and space. Sage's powerful fragrant smoke combined with minty sweet fragrant eucalyptus florals creates an aromatic smudging experience like to other. 

Refreshing and revitalizing, eucalyptus bouquets creates a calm and purifying fragrance that supports an uplifting and warm atmosphere. Eucalyptus naturally carries the essence of cleansing allowing clearing and healing energies into your space that invokes success.
With Eucalyptus Love - Lit Sage Sticks you are not only in for your usual aura cleanse but also in for an elevated, aromatic - indulgent experience.

StayLit, Love.


Please use caution when lighting and do not leave flame unattended.


**StayLit, Love Bonus**

We recommend meditating when indulging in your aura cleansing ritual. As a gift to you, access our meditation soul playlist here to choose your very own guided meditation. But for the Eucalyptus Love Lit Smudge Stick, you should listen to the Abundance Mindset guided meditation here.

StayLit, Loves.

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