StayLit, Love is curated to have us all LIVE OUR LIGHT and to essentially be spiritually lit.

As a content-based platform illuminating spiritual/wellness practices, we also create the tools to foster your illumination. Founder, Dondy Desir began curating meditative-soul guided meditations as a parallel and catalyst to her spiritual growth experience. She has then extended this experience by creating aura-cleansing home & bath products to supplement and enhance your personal care and self-care rituals. In deepening our spiritual wellness practices, it is recognized that a large dose of self-care and self-loving rituals are what is needed to ultimately empower our soulful existence. It is why StayLit, Love has created an aura cleansing bath & home product line that allows you to create your very  own spa-ritual experience. 

In addition, Dondy has been studying astrology for over 15 years in recognizing the awareness it sheds on our highest potentials to living our best light. In her brilliance, she has realized this study and the effects the stars has on the collective and its energetic vibration allows us all to enhance our spiritual/wellness and consciousness towards manifesting our greatest potentials. 

Whether through meditation, astrology, or conducting self-care practices - StayLit, Love is curated to help you discover and illuminate your hidden gems within that allows you to ultimately radiate your light.



The mission is to ignite your soul and awaken your inner world which allows you to create the changes you seek to manifest. Our focus on spiritual wellness, a factor that we showcase through the insight of self awareness through astrology forecasting, self-care with our handmade home/body aura cleansing items along with inducing self-love with StayLit, Love's very own curated guided meditations. Essentially, the goal is to attract, nurture and illuminate the light within us all through these factors afrorementioned in order to raise the vibration of the collective towards the highest frequency of love. 

Founder, Dondy Desir is open to connecting and reaching out to the growing spiritual/wellness community toward collaborations and curating events that further nurtures and illuminates the light our world so needs. Ultimately, StayLit, Love is designed to curate and illuminate minds and heart spaces through our specified spiritual/wellness practices while shedding light on the conscious collective towards elevating the consciousness.

I encouraged you to join the experience to LIVE. YOUR. LIGHT. & always,

StayLit, Loves.