I think positively to explore the abundance I am creating | Daily Astrology Meditation Mantra

Speak your light, that is your truth. Whether painful or beautiful, the development of your realization illuminates your awareness.  When you are mindful of your inner-standing (thoughts+feelings) you recognize your power to transform and add greatness to yourself. Just being mindful of how you truly feel and of your thoughts is when you are practicing the simplest forms of self-care. Being in-tuned allows you to gain a better perspective of matters where you become proactive over your thoughts and emotions than rather reactive. Ignite your internal power that is constantly lit and raise that vibration when you gain this awareness.

These developments will bring you what you are ultimately seeking when you positively align your thoughts and emotions. Check- in and ask yourself, how am I feeling? Be honest with yourself. Let go of your thoughts and drop your consciousness down to your hearts center and resonate with your core. Stay there for a few minutes or more. As for your thoughts, be mindful of your current thoughts. Do they resonate with how you are feeling? More likely they are- as these two major energy centers of our bodies are reactive towards each other. How you are feel is a reaction that based on how your are thinking- which in return becomes your actions. When you are aware of these simple inner standings, you have the power to alternate and shift your internal vibration.

By thinking and feeling of matters and circumstances you want to manifest in your life, is what you will act on to draw what you have been emitting. Be open to explore new paths as the Moon and Venus are powerfully activating these vibrations in the sign of self-starting sign of Aries. This denotes your heightened emotions has the potential make you act on what it is you want to attract in matters of love, money, beauty and ultimately what you value. This is prime time to act on our positive emotions that has a greater potential to attract what we want rapidly (Aries has quick manifesting potential). Feel good about yourself, your self-esteem and self-worth. How do you feel about attracting a better financial circumstance? How are your emotions vibrating in order to attract the love your desire? Your internal compass is now lit when it comes to matters of emotions which has the potential to attract- so shift your emotions into a better hight vibratory state of love in order to positively receive what you to attract.

This transformation may be conflicting, but always know you even have the power to empower yourself into feeling good. When you do so, this is self-care at best when you are capable to shift your energy. This provides you with the power to allow profound healing to take place to which you may not recognize the magnitude and depth when you drive the change of your internal compass that needs re-routing. Know that these practices transforms ultimately turns into a habit, which then becoming your beliefs. As you tap into your inner awareness you can transform your energies when you’re in alignment. Build a solid structure based on your beliefs of self-love and self-care, which ultimately creates lasting value in all areas of your life. Remember, you have free will, so use it wisely to make the choices that leads to create your best advantage.

StayLit, Loves.

Daily Astro-Meditative Mantra

“I think positively to explore the abundance I am creating.”

(Three of Swords - Three of Wants) Moon Conjunct Venue + Moon Square Pluto + Saturn Trine Uranus 

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