I think with discretion towards the path I am heading | Daily Astrology Meditation Mantra

Let go of defense mechanisms so that you can proceed forwards. Remember that whatever your persist also continues to insist. Use your innderstanding to persist towards what you want. That is, move with optimism, abundance and your creativity rather than your defense. As Venus- the planet of love, money, beauty and what we value squares transformative Pluto- conflict is due to arise. With your awareness, you have the advantage to recognize this current astrological alignment as you are forewarned.

Use your instinctual discretion to empower yourself towards what you value. Inevitable power struggles arise in matters of love and money, so its best to be humble in order to quickly heal any conflicts. When you remain grounded, it reflects your inner peace and endurance to breakthrough when time calls for you to progress. You are the master of your destiny and recalling your inner strength to carry on is what manifests success. As you meditate, this is where you can cultivate true alignment within that creates an innerstanding of your internal compass. Tune in and listen to your current thought processes and emotions as they ultimately direct your actions. You have the power to re-route and use discretion on the frequency you are operating on- whether this is based on love or fear.

For positive results always choose love over fear towards your progression. Show love for your self through self-care practices like meditating, checking in on your thoughts and emotions to raise your vibration and to simply do things that you love. When you create a self-care routine or ritual you are ultimately build lasting value in your life. Know that where you are progression towards will ultimately be a destination of your own individual creation. So recognize that when you are progressing with self-loving thoughts and emotions along with your unique self-caring rituals, these are the components that is blazing your successful path forwards.

StayLit, Loves.

Daily Astro-Meditative Mantra

“I think with discretion towards the path I am heading.”

(Nine of Wands- Knight of Wands) Venus Square Pluto + Saturn Trine Uranus + Saturn Square Chiron

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