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Manifesting New Values | TAURS NEW MOON | Astro-Meditation Mantra

How you gonna win if you’re ain’t right within? Thats right luvs, when I say within or matters of winning, I’m referring to your manifestation capabilities. With the Taurus New Moon activated now and for the next few days, be sure to use this energy to assess  what it is you authentically value.

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Initiating New Legacy - Nipsey Hussle - Aries New Moon Meditation Mantra

Have you been feeling the initiation of a leveling up to the changes before you? That is, with the recent new moon in Aries activating the astrological lunar new year, our emotional body is encouraging us to be brave and step up to the plate in new ways so that you create an updated reality that is structured to benefit how you identify with yourself. 

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