I think abundantly therefore I am as I gain prosperity | Daily Astrology Meditation Mantra

Abundance is not something we acquire. It is something we tune into.

—Wayne Dyer

This is the energetic vibration we can all tap into once we shift our mindset to an abundant state. This is all part of healing any internal wounds as a collective in truly grasping this concept. As the Sun continues to illuminate our wounds in a positively light, this is the perfect gateway to heal - so that we can progress abundantly. When you recognize your internal wounds, our triggers, our addictions, or anything that causes setbacks, knowing this is half of the healing process. In doing so, we must look at the internal dialogue we have with ourselves. What is your common self-talk about and how are they manifesting in your life? Are your thoughts vibrating positively or do you recognize that they’re derived from fear? In recognizing this you have a great opportunity to shift your mindset, if it happens to be the latter.

There is freeing element that exudes prosperity when the mind is thinking and vibrating in the state of abundance. You can meditate on this mindset by listening to my Abundant Mindset Guided Meditation which allows you to expand your mind to the limitless possibilities waiting for you to grasp. This state of mind exudes great healing energy as you vibrate in abundance which radiates positively around you. You may even feel the necessity to assist others in healing these wounds as you know first hand how to deal with them. You’re awareness alone can help heal another in which you’re able to receive these healing vibrations. They are great blessings within us and approaching when you can be of assistance to another. Remember we all in this together so we’re all feeling this energy collectively.

Allow your light shine bright as the cosmos is granting us the most illuminating energy to do so. As Venus continues to oppose Jupiter Rx, the theme of our internal dialogue again continues. Be mindful of your thoughts and also how your feel about yourself. An easy way to healthy tune in into your hearts core is through mediation. This allows you to feel the abundance within that can be further expanded through practicing self-care routines. It is what I call a spa-ritual is when you combine the mediation experience & self-care routines that cleanses your aura. These practices are vital to healing ourselves and shifting into being your best self. Know that you are an Empress and Emperor of your life- so take charge in the wealth and abundance you have within and let it naturally radiate around you. In doing so, you a creating lasting value in your life, so feel free to build your own self-care regimen that exclusively suites you. Your will to do so exudes abundance which ultimately benefits your lifestyle, improves your relationships you have with others and most importantly the relationship with self.


Daily Astro-Meditative Mantra

“I think abundantly therefore I am as I gain prosperity.”

(The Empress - Six of Swords) Nodal Shift to Leo + Sun Sextile Chiron + Venus Opposition Jupiter + Saturn Trine Uranus 

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