Rose Love | Aura Cleansing | Herbal Salt Bath

Rose Love | Aura Cleansing | Herbal Salt Bath


Rose Love's Aura Cleansing Herbal Bath Salt delivers a soothing bathing experience that keeps your aura lit. With organic aromatic rose florals mixed with a mineralized salt blend and moisturizing-rich shea butter to replenish the skin -  you are definitely in for a relaxing, purifying and nourishing bath remedy. 

Because water rises to its highest frequency, the aura of rose florals magnifies attraction and love vibrations that restores self-loving emotions. Rose enlivens our passions, romantic natures and sensuality which offers balance to our faith, devotion and hope. With the blend of rose floral's calming aroma, along with our fine sea salts extracted from the Caribbean, this combination gently detoxifies your body and aura while clearing and relaxing your mind. Indulge in your very own self-care meditative spa-ritual experience that manifests to one of your best aura cleansing ritual.

To Use: Add the aura cleansing herbal bath salts to your bath and allow it to dissolve within 1 minutes time before getting in. Within minutes, indulge in your herbal bath. You can also add the bath salts into small amounts of water to create bath scrub for an exfoliating aura cleanse experience.


**StayLit, Love Bonus**

We recommend meditating when indulging in your spa-ritual. As a gift to you, access our guided meditation playlist here and choose your very own guided meditation. But for the Rose Love Herbal Salt Bath, you should definetely listen to the Conscious Love guided meditation here.


StayLit, Loves.

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