I have an abundant mindset that innovates the attraction of love | Astrology Daily Meditation Mantra

Putting yourself first is not a bad thing. You are a divine being that is born with the creative potential to generate abundance, prosperity and success. Thinking of these qualities brings great alignment into our lives that ultimately generates happiness for ourselves and to those we love. The practice of self-love indicates the self-worth your have for yourself. How have your practiced self-love lately? Nurturing yourself generates divine love vibrations that ultimately raises the consciousness to healthy levels of love. This energy is of course beneficial for ourselves, our loved ones and to those we come in contact with. So the intent on self-love practices is vital as there is thin line between self-love and being self-fish. At what cost is your self-love practices costing others? Balance is key in recognizing these healthy dosages into our lives that creates positive abundance into our lives.

As the key is universally offered to us with the Sun and Moon in positive aspects, the will to be who we really are, at our best, is realized within our consciousness awareness. This innerstanding could be felt intuitively, expressed spiritually or in a creative manner as Neptune positively aspects the Sun. I encourage meditation as a divine practice that essentially enhances our intuition and spirituality which allows us to gain an innerstanding of our creative potential. In this instance, your thoughts may urge your to speed into action towards your future as progressive Uranus is in alignment with communicative Mercury. With this aspect, we are prone to some genius-quality thinking that is should be written down first as this is the first step in conscious manifestation. Especially since Mercury is still in retrograde, its best to record, plan & strategy before taking action on these shocking revolutionizing and innovative ideas. Wait till the end of Mercury’s retrograde on May 3 to progress forward as these ideas are well aligned with our beliefs which has the great potential to develop successfully in having lasting value in our lives. Remember to be mindful that self love-ultimately spreads real love. This way what you manifest will be true to what you are.

StayLit, Loves.

(The Empress-Five of Swords) Sun Sextile Moon + Sun Sextile Neptune + Mercury Conjunct Uranus + Saturn Trine Uranus 

Daily Astro-Meditative Mantra

“I have an abundant mindset that innovates the attraction of love.”