I have faith in my thoughts that leads my freedom | Astrology Daily Meditation Mantra

Having trust in your thoughts today within their positive state can you lead you to great success. The power of our thoughts is quite telling today as they are leading us to an unknown path. Remain worry free and release the fear of the what-if’s and be open to what is to come. You may have been anxious to take this leap of faith as so many planets in retrograde have slowed down this progression. But this goes without reason as its a time to gather and revise our plans from the past as we come to the moment that propels us forward.

Our thoughts now are crystalizing this quantum leap forward as it has the major potential to have lasting value. With Mercury, the planet of thoughts and communications in positive aspect with Saturn (long-term goals) and Uranus (our unique freedom) our thoughts and plans are measured to last while allowing great freedom and clarity. These two outer body planets (Saturn & Uranus) is also having a cosmic dance themselves that is pushing the conscious collective to break free from the old and move towards new paths.

Something new is brewing within our thoughts which has been happening for quite some time now and once Mercury comes out of retrograde, May 5, a progressive leap into the future is inevitable. Today’s energy is great for visualizing your future. Meditation is an amazing solution to assist with visualization along with healing past karma. Saturn the planet of responsibility makes a hard aspect, a square to Chiron- the healing asteroid.  This indicates a real responsibility to practice self-care.

As we look towards our future goals they come with much effort, so taking care of ourselves provides great healing and balance to our internal and outer body. I would encourage you to have your very own spa-ritual this weekend and create your comfort (Taurus) by relaxing in a herbal salt bath to detox old elements while visualizing your future before you. For those of you with heavy air elements in your chart, I would light up ‘Lit Sage Stick to smudge and clear your space as you write down all of your intentions. This is a great way to begin initiating your future and visualizing your written thoughts that’s bound to manifest. With the planet Uranus (shock factor) involved, we can expect the unexpected so be ready to be shocked beyond belief. It is vital to be mindful of your thoughts as its manifestation is here to last. Below, take this time to tap in to your inner resource and recite today Astro-Meditative Mantra. Also, I encourage you to further enhance your mediative experience at the spa-ritual shop.

StayLit, Loves.

(The Fool-Nine of Wands-The Sun) Mercury Trine Saturn + Mercury Conjunct Uranus + Saturn Trine Uranus + Saturn Sq Chiron 

Daily Astro-Meditative Mantra

“I have faith in my thoughts that leads me to my freedom.”