I have visions that guarantees long-lasting success | Astrology Daily Meditation Mantra

Dream big for the goals you want to accomplish. Continue to visualize to them as you are enlightened us to do so. Faith is vital ingredient when visualizing your future as it helps attune your vision closer to you. A dose of spirituality is greatly around us as Neptune positively aspecting the sun rules the spiritual realm. Feel free to imagine your highest dreams and feel the abundance of it. Through meditation all of these elements come alive once you quiet the mind and let the heart vibration raises its currency. Listen to your heart as there can be conflict between your emotions and logic as the moon squares Mercury.

Though as Neptune positively aspects the sun today, your emotional awareness reigns over rational decision-making. This is especially true as mercury is still in retrograde to which making decisions to move forward isn’t advised. Mercury Rx period is when we logically go over matters from the past by rescheduling, reassessing, repairing, reorganizing, etc. You may have a strong emotional impulse to make a decision to move forward but having a restraint is best advices as erratic Uranus has a challenging aspect to the moon-our emotions. The best solution for this energy is to continue to visualize the abundance before you. Make good decisions to hold these ideals close to you as you plan your future. Mercury, the planet of ideas is in very close proximity to Uranus, indicating that our future visions has the ability to produce a genius-quality of ideas that expresses your individuality.

Depending on where these planets activate your chart, you will feel these profound energies being initiated. Hold on to these ideas, visualize them by meditating and begin to progressively plan your long term goals as they have the potential to have long-lasting value.


(Ten of Coins-Four of Coins) Sun Sextile Neptune + Moon Sq Mercury + Moon Sq Uranus + Mercury Conjunct Uranus + Saturn Trine Uranus 

Daily Astro-Meditative Mantra

“I have visions that guarantees long-lasting success.”

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