I feel forthright in my goals when I act diligently | As Above So Below Meditation Mantra

Productivity is vital for you today. Focusing on practical matters and logical details denotes you to stay determined on your ambitions and goals. This focus goes without ease as the planet Jupiter in Libra can cause a state of ‘analysis paralysis’ which allows too much over analyzation of ideas over diligence. With Jupiter in challenging aspect to the Sun in Cancer, you feel more secure by going through all the details rather than actually putting those ideas to work. The solution is to find ways to do the work in manner that you enjoy while you deciding what logically works for you to produce. Face your truth and take control of your ambitions by sizing up your circumstances to direct your energy of what it takes to get your accomplishments done today. Remember everything you need is within you. It is up to you to be astute in you mindset to create your world you want to manifest.

In recognizing your initial goals, you are opening to sharp insights as the planet of our brilliance, Uranus aspects Mercury, our thoughts. This denotes you to be direct and open in your communications where getting to the heart of matters can spark off genius-thinking and express our eccentricity. With a dose of wit and humor allow your originality to convey the truth which allows a conduit to heal any emotions as Mercury aspects Chiron, the wounded healer. This aspect can cause people to be in their emotions and in their minds that leads to non-productivity. Instead diffuse this stagnant energy with a witty remark as a treatment to spark off productivity. You’d be surprise of the power of revelation that occurs when we use laughter astherapy to allows us all to relate to one another to which deep healing can even occur. In this regard, the actions you take are more directed in manifesting your ambitions when you release any emotional blockages that may stunt you. Instead, be mindful of your actions and allow it lead you to understanding, healing and regeneration of both yourself and others. Ultimately, you are creating a more productive environment that allows you to increase your expertise which at inevitably produces steady results to your commitments and goals.

StayLit, Loves.

Daily Astro-Meditative Mantra

“I feel forthright in my goals when I act diligently.”

(8 of Coins - Queen of Swords) Sun Square Jupiter + Sun Trine Neptune + Mercury Sextile Venus + Mercury Square Uranus + Mercury Trine Chiron + Venus Sextile Chiron +  Mars Opposition Pluto  

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