I feel my driving force igniting my creative passions | As Above So Below Meditation Mantra

July kicks of with a fiery passion that is driving the force of our true power. With Mars in opposition to Pluto we are all ignited through our passionate natures to go after what provides us with security. Though keep in mind that what you are seeking is already within you and it is your responsibility to be secure in recognizing your internal power that drives your manifestation power and security that surrounds you. As Cancer and Capricorn opposes this dynamic energy between these two planets, our driving force are based on emotional and financial drives for security. In your awareness, tap within and feel what is it that makes you feel secure and what is it that you are already secure with having? Whatever your answer may be, radiate that energy through self-assurance and be confident. In doing so, you are showcasing your true leadership qualities as this energy can cause conflict within and among us all. Since these two powerful planets are in opposition, emotional flares and frustration may arise based on the passionate energy. In your recognition, it is best to stay your course and remain determined with optimism of the path you are blazing.

July is a catalytic month full of fiery energy that is inflaming our creativity. Let your passions be your driving force as nothing can stop you now. Harness this energy by going within and remain secure in the comfort of what you have already have to progress successfully. Remember fire energy is highly spirited, so let your true passion illuminate your inner recognition of your internal wisdom and strength which ultimately radiates your true power.

StayLit, Loves.

Daily Astro-Meditative Mantra

“I feel my driving force igniting my creative passions.”

(Queen of Wands - Knight of Wands) Mars Opposition Pluto  

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