Real intense changes are asking your to let go of what is comfortable to satisfy what you deeply need. The full in Capricorn highlights what is real and necessary to be transformed as Pluto intensifies the changes that are being manifested by the intentions from recent new moon. Full moons are designed to illuminate what have been cultivating and with the energy of Capricorn, what will be revealed will take on tangible form that may even carry some of our deep fears. The dark side of Capricorn are our fears and with Pluto involved this creates a intensified energy that digs up what we fear. But recognize that fear isn’t real and what is on the other side of that is the power love. Ignite love to empower any circumstance within yourself as the full moon fosters an illumination to satisfy your deepest needs.

Remember, what is constant in life is change so get used to this constant theme and harness its energy by taking control of any fears that may reveal itself and may block any progression. Look at your fears as an opportunity to get what it is that you deeply desire as love is always on the other side. Make love your driving force and be courageous in acknowledging your fears. Put a face to your fears then release it like a bad habit. I encourage you to listen to the Honestly, Fearlessly guided meditation that helps you to rise above your fears. Once you let go of your deep fears, be open to receive what will satisfy your deepest desires. Recognize the changes you are making are available for your own good in providing the tangible security your souls seeks. 

StayLit, Loves

Capricorn Full Moon Meditation Mantra

"Show me darkness so I can show you my light"

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