I feel the radiance of abundance illuminating my expressive thoughts. | SelfCare Meditation

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How are you communicating abundance into your life? Are your thoughts vibrating prosperously or are you thinking about what it is that you want? If it is the latter, please adjust your communication to the universe as it is asking you to do so. The universe does not care for what it is that you want- that is showing lack, but will grant you your same vibration, so communicate your wealth. As the communicative planet of Mercury makes a positive aspect to Jupiter, the planet of abundance, what we communicate today has great growth potential. Whether this is within our thought vibrations or communicating with others via speech or sending messages, you have an abundant opportunity for growing what it is you communicate. This energy is quite beneficial for partnership potential and growth when you communicate from your hearts core. As Mercury continues to transit in the sign of Leo, expressing your hearts truth is what will bring great prosperity when communicating with others.

This is especially true as Jupiter is in Libra, which grows partnerships and creates a balance and fairness that is harmonious. To access this energy in its high vibratory state, tap within your hearts core when meditating to be open in expressing your truth. You will be well received in what it is you speak as abundance in attracting your hearts declaration. You can use this energy to propose your ideas to others, or set meetings for partnership ventures, or speak your hearts truth to your loved one. On a spiritual plane, communicate your abundant and prosperous nature to the universe. Recognize what you communicate today and for the remainder the week has an expansive potential tp manifest abundantly.

StayLit, Loves.

Daily Astro-Meditative Mantra
“I feel the radiance of abundance illuminating my expressive thoughts.”
(The Sun) Mercury Sextile Jupiter

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