I feel a deep trust in my emotions | Daily Astrology Meditation Mantra

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Your emotional nature holds great power in guiding your internal compass. Allow your intuitive nature to bring awareness to your thoughts as the sun in emotional orientated cancer conjuncts our thoughts, Mercury. Add a meditative ritual to your routine where the practice of self-care allows you to inner stand your emotions. This is especially vital as the sun in cancer is illuminating our personal world of emotions, home and family. Find the truth in trusting what you feel as your internal expressions aligns with your thoughts. In doing so, you bring awareness to your internal wellness of how your thoughts and emotions are affecting you.

Open up to the healing potential of acknowledging and moving through your emotions to stay lit love. Sweeping your emotions aside suppresses your truth while creating trust issue with yourself. Recognize, when you tell yourself the truth, you can ultimately trust yourself. Be with your honesty of what you feel to allow joy and happiness to overcome you to grow your intuitive knowing. I encourage you to practice mediation as it is a divine tool that creates an extraordinary ability to foster your intuitive powers. You will find that your intuition empowers your internal awareness by helping you attract what it is that you desire. Allow your need for emotional security to expand your truths while remaining grounded by trusting your innate wisdom.

StayLit, Loves.

Daily Astro-Meditative Mantra

“I feel deeply in trusting my emotions.”

(The High Priestess - The Devil) Sun Conjunct Mercury + Sun Square Chiron + Moon Trine Jupiter + Moon Trine Jupiter + Moon Square Neptune + Venus Trine Pluto + Mars Square Jupiter 

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