5 Rituals to Activate the Summer Solstice Light Energy



Marked as the longest day of the year, we're in on a lituation. There's a profound shift occuring now that is activating our light bodies. Our light bodies is our internal compass that is guiding you. It is your internal awareness, your intuitive nature, your gut feeling and where your ideas are first formed. When the sun externally light activate the northern hemisphere, ancient civilizations knew about celebrating life force through ritual practices. It has always been a phenomenal day that carries abundant energy for ascension. Though in doing so, you must first release all fears of darkness to allow this light activation to take place. Let inspiration, love and courage guide you in all your rituals. This is a vital manifesting day to which you can initiate your dreams this summer. Today is about leaving those past fears behind that may be holding you back to project forward. You have the opportunity to ignite your light within and spark the belief you have to create the life that you have always dreamed of. Project this energy as a catalyst to shine bright and move pass any matter that clouds you as you enter a highest frequency. 


Here are 5 Rituals to Activate the Summer Solstice Light Energy:

  1. Sun gaze.  Here is a way you can get direct source energy to activate your light body. Of course make sure you skin is protected, but this practice has been a ritual many ancient civilizations like the Egyptians have used as a form of spiritual wellness. The overall health benefits of sun gazing boosts the production of melatonin and serotonin which stimulates your pineal gland also known as the master gland. These “feel good” hormones is what activates your internal compass and internal awareness. You also will find that your energy levels will increase when you are sun gazing. It is recommended to receive these benefits, to sit under the sun rays for a minimum of 10 minutes to 44 minutes maximum.

2. Do Yoga today. Sun salutation anyone? If you live in any major city, there are many free yoga events at parks you can join. If you participate in a yoga session outdoors you too can benefit from sun-gazing benefits. Yoga is a beneficial practice that enhances your internal and external wellness to which you are advancing your light activation to do this practice on the longest day of the year. Be sure to do a sun- salutation to honor our brightest star, the sun and also yourself!

3. Meditate!

I cannot stress the benefits of meditation. When you quite the mind to let your soul speak, profound 'innerstanding' (yes I make up words) occurs especially during the summer solstice allowing much light body activation to take place. Find a quite place in a park today, as you will receive maximum benefits outdoors under todays sun and allow your fears to go by the way side as light energy activates your internal light. Here’s a list of guided meditations from our meditative soul playlist which will guide you to you internal light as you meditate:

4. Bring in summer flowers into your space.

I am a firm believer of flower power which are all nurtured by sunlight. If you cannot spend time outdoors today, why not bring the sun in with flowers. The beauty of flowers always brightens our day, so I would encourage sun flowers as an exceptional plant that is represented by the sun. Other summer flowers you can gather are daisy’s, delphinium, white roses, and marigold. Any flower will do, as they all carry sunlight to propel their growth. Allow this energy to brighten your day and help activate similar energy of today’s summer solstice which breads light into all that is blossoming, including yourself.  

5. Crystal Charge.

For all of my crystal carriers, crystal charging your babies in today’s sunlight is a great opportunity to cleanse your crystals. Sunlight re-charges your crystal with ultraviolet light that are also known as light radiation that reactivates the properties of your crystals. The longer you charge your crystals the more energizing it becomes. Keep in mind that some crystals may fade in sunlight but the properties become greater. You can put your crystals on a window sill for the day or within a space receives the most sunlight. Before sunset grab your crystals and carry on with your crystal rituals. You can enjoy a spa-ritual by surrounding your tub with your charged crystals, meditate, speak your mantra/affirmations or pray with your crystals. Use your charged crystal anywhere to activate the abundance light energy stored to raise your vibration and to always, StayLit, Love.

Happy Summer Solstice!