Offer a Unique Perspective and Reveal your Magical Abundance | Daily Astrology Meditation Mantra

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Work your magic love. You are fruitful when you find opportunity in all matters. Let inspiration lead your communicated worth. Rest assure and know the choices you make are all necessary to bring value into your life. Through your communicative efforts you have the opportunity to secure your success as the Sun is aligned with our mental planet of Mercury. It is a great time to promote yourself, services and brand. In doing so, be open to being original in your expression as the sun is in sextile with freedom-loving Uranus, which brings acceptance to our individuality. What makes you unique is what is propelling you forward for progress.

Think with your higher mind when expressing your ideas and thoughts. In doing so, you can begin your process of renewal that uncovers any trauma while simultaneously healing your shadows. Once you acknowledge this healing, allow your passions to initiate your sense of security in providing reasoning for your drive. Your mindset has the potential to shift when you initiate this magical process of manifestation. Expect shocking revelations to reveal itself. Be open to your brilliance as it has great potential to advance your destined future forward. Allow healing energies to flow through you as your mentality is unmasking of unnecessary patters and ideals that does not serve your higher self.

Release the tape machine within your mind that replays constant thoughts that are blocking your from your magic.  In doing so, you will find you true value, your true beauty and be comforted by your magic that will ultimately light your pathway.

StayLit, Loves.

Daily Astro-Meditative Mantra

“Offer a unique perspective and reveal your magical abundance.”

(Two of Wands - The Empress) Sun Sextile Uranus + Sun Square Chiron + Moon Sextile Mars + Mercury Sextile Uranus + Mercury Square Chiron + Venus Sextile Neptune

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