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Cosmic Tea | Self - Care, Self - Love, Self - Awareness

There has been much cosmic tea stirring this past week to which I myself had to take stock of these major celestial events happening in my life. I am sure that you have felt these shifts and now that you are a bit acclimated with what’s to come, here’s more clarification of what you can instill in recognizing this newfound shift of cosmic self-awareness.

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Self-Care is an Inside Job | Mars Rx

A pleasant reminder that caters to your well-being is an act of self-love to which everyone will eventually benefit but most importantly for your own advantage. Especially as we move into a major retrograde season this summer as a personal planet, Mars will start its retrograde this coming week. What this denotes is that this is a period of which the actions we take will be internally driven instead of externally.

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Getting It Right Deep Within | Jupiter in Scorpio

How you gonna win when you’re not right within? Lauryn Hill has totally got it right when she coined this phrase from her chart topping hit, “Doo Wop (That Thing)’ 20 years ago. And as her Gemini Sun trines her Pluto in Libra, this denotes that Lauryn’s Hill’s words has definitely related deeply to others- still resonating today. That thing she refers to...

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