My determined thinking promotes necessary growth that ultimately leads to positive changes | Daily Astrology Meditation Mantra

Doors of opportunity is opening for those who are ready to walk in and expand their good fortune. Today is known as the luckiest and most abundant day as the brightest start the sun illuminates the most fortunate planet Jupiter. This energy is due to last for the remainder of the week so keep your internal light lit and optimism high as opportunities and luck is on your side. Raise your vibration by already adding feeling of enthusiasm towards achieving your goals and dreams in order to attract this energy to you.

Our mindset plays a major role in this abundant energetic transformation that is taking place. Be mindful of your communicative power within yourself and with others as Mercury trines Pluto. This denotes us diving deep into the psyche where our perceptions has the potential to provide deep insights that leads to healing outmoded patterns of thoughts that no longer serves you. Now is the opportunity to commit to a new value of thinking to sustain the positive changes and good fortune that is presented. Accept disciplinary actions to maintain the sustenance of this fortunate energy to form and create lasting value. The actions you take now and the direction of your energy force creates great progression in your life that can possibly revolutionize it. The pursuit of your visionary passion is so lit now, so be ready to blaze your trail as you have great potential for breakthrough now.

As you keep your focus toward your goals, accept that problems and hurdles inevitably arrives with others based on communicative assertiveness. These challenges that may occur are made to test you so apply the winning formula of singly being aware & conscious of any woundings that my trigger the outcomes communicative assertion that leads to arguments and disagreements. These instances are made for you to inner stand any trigger that may arrive in recognizing any wounding within. Once you are aware of this, you then have the power to heal not only yourself but others. Know that your beliefs are created by continuous forms of thinking, so be mindful of your thoughts which has the power to innovate your life views. Recite today’s mantra to ignite your determined force that leads to positive change. StayLit, Loves.

Daily Astro-Meditative Mantra
“My determined thinking promotes necessary growth that ultimately leads to positive changes.”
(The Emperor - The Tower) Sun Trine Jupiter + Mercury Trine Pluto + Venus Trine Saturn + Mars Opposite Saturn + Mars Sextile Uranus + Mars Square Chiron + Saturn Trine Uranus

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