My visionary thoughts illuminates the truth of my progression | Daily Astrology Meditation Mantra

Awareness brings great illumination and innerstanding to light; even when it shines its light on some painful truths. This awareness becomes a blessing in disguise so that you now know where the pain lies in order to grow. Today’s cosmic awareness reflects this contrast as the sun is in challenging aspect (a square) to the moon, where you become aware of the conflict between what you want and what you need. Being conscious to this imbalance can cause tension within your feelings, so instead, use this friction towards finding solutions to your problems rather than taking it out on others. This may be a hard energy to harness, since the sun aspects expansive Jupiter, which can make your expressive energy too much of a good thing. It is best to use this energy as an opportunity to remain optimistic to attract what you want closer to you.

As the Sun squares Neptune, it is vital to be clear of opportunities and fortune, as Neptune can cloud your perception. The best way to master Neptune’s energy is to tap into your higher self. Be compassionate as this transit may cause people to be more sensitive than usual. Tap within today and recite a mantra or affirmation and meditate to raise your vibration. When you do so, your mindset has the capability to ignite its power to transform any outmoded patterns. Use your intellect to improve the use of your mind and how you express yourself. You become empowered today, in expressing inventive ideas where you will have the control in utilizing them fully and effectively. Ultimately, what you gain and value through your awareness, has the potential to stabilize and even revolutionize your beliefs and actions through your committed efforts.

Continue to stimulate your mind and use your visionary passions to explore new paths which will lead your breakthrough. Know that your awareness is your internal compass which guides you to your truth even when it may be a painful one. But trust your internal guidance and recognize that it is your true light that even illuminates your shadow side. Accept yourself fully through your awareness, as it creates balance and true innerstanding that uncovers your hidden truths. This is your higher consciousness at play, to recognizing your whole and true nature. Know that there is true illumination found from your breakthroughs you discover from your past which blazes a trial towards your new path. Progression is here and is now ignited by your true awareness.

StayLit, Loves.

Daily Astro-Meditative Mantra
“My visionary thoughts illuminates the truths of my progression.”
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