My inner light stays lit when I recognize my unlimited potential | Daily Astrology Meditaiton Mantra

You have unlimited potential to make your dreams real. Due to the work and efforts you are doing, you will eventually receive what it is you have always wanted. As you recognize the truth and power of your inner awareness, you the gain control of the outcomes. Allow your emotions to feel its best as the moon is in positive aspect to Jupiter. This denotes feelings of joy and happiness that is magnifies between your emotions and your abundance influx. Bask in the feeling of your abundance with what you have to appreciate as this positively inflates your sense of comfort and security.Your mindset confidently transforms when you feel abundance which consequently radiates outwards while healing any outmoded patterns. 

What you value today builds a lasting advantage as Venus positively aspects Saturn. Ground your values by committing to a plan that will build the love and resources that can last the test of time. As you commit to your plan, allow discipline to be your motivating factor to your commitments. Implement a code of behavior that conveys your value of what you want to achieve to keep your focus. Recognize that your actions communicates your visionary passions.

Be mindful of where you direct your forces, as your ideas has great potential to have shocking breakthroughs. Since our actions cause reactions, it is necessary to regard others over any selfish initiatives. Reign in your actions and be aware of its reaction to others. As we are all connected, everything we do effects the collective in many ways. Harness these energies and gain awareness through meditation to recognize and ignite the power of your internal compass. Always allow your inner world to shine as it always lit when you ignite it through meditation. Recite today’s mantra to light your inner awareness and radiance.

StayLit, Loves. 

 Daily Astro-Meditative Mantra
“My inner light stays lit when I recognize my unlimited potential.”
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