I have the power to transform my world | Astrology Daily Meditation Mantra

Stay illumined within your aura to renew and heal yourself as we are all are expressing the necessity to do so. To have a secured and fulfilled future, the numinous sides of our beings should be acknowledged. What this means is that we are to be mindful and aware of our internal wounds in order for us to create deep healing methods. You reading this is already an indication that you are fully aware and have accepted your internal wounds that is healing. Meditation provides us the time to tap within to start any healing by letting go of consciousness of thought and listening to the heart. Guided meditation helps you more to do this with positive affirmation that will guide you to being aware of your internal wellness and power.

As the Sun (our shine) positively aspects Chiron (wounded healing asteroid) we can heal past trauma, collectively, to spring forward-healed. This is easier said then done, but with awareness and with the practice of self-care of meditating or having your spa-ritual, you are a step closer towards healing yourself that ultimately helps us all as a collective. Chiron has an interesting purpose in our lives as we all have it in our birth charts. It indicates where we will have a whole lifetime to work on our wound, though our wound is where we can help heal others. It has a therapeutic aspect we all carry, which is differently placed in everyone’s chart. But without knowing your birth chart, you still can intuitively know where you wound lies and yet you can transform this pain to help others. As the sun brings light to our wounds, the moon-our emotions will expand (Jupiter) these feelings. Though, since you’re lit and aware, its best to harness this energy where as it has great tendency to cause conflict. In some instance you will find yourself or other’s feeling great joy, though it may manifests as being too much of a good thing - so best advice, is be humble. If you’re feeling good, feel free, rather, to let your emotions flow towards what it is you idealize. Take the time today to visualize what it is you want to manifest during meditating. This exercise can give profound results as the moon is in positive aspect to the imaginative planet of Neptune. Let your imagination lead you as you’re instinctive awareness has great possibility to transform deep emotions that can empower yourself and others.

Know that your internal nature has great capacity to structure your individualistic reality. Be mindful of the power of your thoughts and emotions, as this combination carry the two major component that govern our aura. When you take the time to practice self-care through meditating, or listening to a guided meditation, or reciting a daily mantra, realize that you have great advantage to fine-tune your life for the better.

StayLit, Loves. 

Daily Astro-Meditative Mantra

“ I have the power to transform my world.”

Sun Sextile Chiron + Moon Square Jupiter +  Moon Sextile Neptune + Moon Conjunct Pluto + Saturn TrineUranus 

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