I own my insight that guides my greatest vision | Astrology Daily Meditation Mantra

Our instinctual awareness speaks volumes to the structures we create and to our internal sparks of insight we receive. With the moon (our emotions) in strong aspects to Saturn and Uranus, we may experience a revolutionary enlightenment that can sparkfear within us. As the cosmic planet Saturn creates restrictions and limitations, its energy tends to produce fear that may manifest in ways that holds emotions in.

Though with the planet of Uranus at play our emotions may experience a breakthrough that can free us from any restrictive feelings. We always have free will to choose whether we want to internalize what we fear or love. Every choice made is based on these two basic principles which are essentially two sides of the same coin. When we recognize that fear is not to be feared but confronted, we then have the choice to choose what we love- which is ultimately liberating.

Empowerment is felt when you make your choices based on love. This way you can be open to receive from any unexpected resource as our mentality has the potential to be profoundly materialize (Mercury trine Saturn). Know that our thoughts carry multiple frequencies which shapes our days based on our actions. Continue to be mindful of this and your inner compass which is ultimately meant to enlighten you rather than keeping you trapped. Your mindset has the trajectory to shape your future and the actions you take and also make - are all based on your heart and mind vibration. Be wise as your inner(G) has the greatest potential to expand your world.

StayLit, Loves.

Daily Astro-Meditative Mantra

“I own my insight that guides my greatest vision.”

(Six of Pentacles -Four of Cups) Moon Conjunct Saturn +  Moon Trine Uranus + Mercury Trine Saturn + Mercury Conjunct Uranus 

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