I have the determination to successfully achieve | Astrology Daily Meditation Mantra

Reap your seeds of wisdom derived from your instinctual awareness that brings solidarity to your overall expression. As today's moon positively aspects the sun, it's a powerful time to be open to receive the intentions set from the previous new moon. The work you have been doing and continuing today is more likely to find its path to success. Take control of your destiny and continue to be determine towards the the long-term stable accomplishments you have set. Your hard work is paying off, even when you don’t see fully see the external manifestation. Know that keeping your aura lit and your inner resonance strong, your external work is bound to achieve great status.

This goes without recognizing your weakness as well, to which in knowing this, your strength remains true and resolute. As the Sun continues its transit to Chiron (a healing asteroid) we are being illumined of our weaknesses that shows us where we can heal. With this aspect, the healing takes place on recognizing our leadership qualities to heal others by example of the same wound we carry. Chiron acts as a catch-22 in our lives to which true healing comes when we can give the anecdote others but never fully restore ourself. Though as we come to recognize these transits, we then have the opportunity to receive the healing from other circumstances as we become fully aware of these energetic vibrations.

Be aware of the sensitivities of these transits as our emotions can get the best of us. Remain rational in making solid decisions that cannot cloud your judgement as sudden turn of events may occur with today’s cosmic climate. Know that you are in control of your outcome and that your stability derives from your practicalities. Stay grounded in knowing your strengths and weaknesses so that your remain determined in achieving the long-term achievements you have set. You got this. StayLit, Loves.

Daily Astro-Meditative Mantra

“I have the determination to successfully achieve.”

(The Emperor -Eight of Coins) Sun Trine Moon + Sun Sextile Chiron + Moon Square Mercury + Moon Square Uranus 

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