I feel at peace in releasing what no longer serves me to express what is uniquely me | Self Care Mantra

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Be at peace with what you are manifesting. In your comfort & with your mind at ease, it is where your energetic vibrations has greater ability to attract better circumstances. Allow peace & harmonious vibrations to bring balance into your life even when conflicting elements are present. Your ability to achieve balance to opposing energies allows a union of energetic vibration to manifest within & around you. Recognize that you are the alchemist of your life when you create a balancing act to activate this power. Be fearless in your action, as the Sun & Mars, our vital force energy in Cancer, makes us emotional- though at your comfort level it is where you will accomplish more. Push through while you balance your power potential by nurturing yourself. Treat yourself to a meditative bath, go to a spa, enjoy a great meal at your favorite restaurant our perhaps hit up the nail or hair salon to update your current look. There is a major factor towards expressing who you are, uniquely, where the Sun -our vitality & Uranus, our breakthrough, are at a challenge. You might find that conflicts arise between the urge to move forward in a unique way that only you know is true to you opposed to what others may think. Remember your comfort does not lie in what others feel comfortable with. You are a soul that is having a human experience that should be lived at its greatest extent. Of course, this goes without any harm to anyone or yourself. But being uniquely you will be appreciated by those who are true to themselves. In doing so, when you express yourself in a fashion that no one else does, you are carrying a healing element into your space. Your uniqueness is your truth & when truth has the potential to hurt, it heals. As you express & act out what makes your comfortable, you are allowing a shift to occur in your life.

With Jupiter at a square to Pluto, this denotes that releasing control brings abundant change to how you relate to yourself & others. This is a major aspect that is asking us all to let go of fears which will offer a powerful transformation into your life. What are you afraid of losing? The first thing that comes to mind is what you must release. This matter may have a lot to do with your relationships. The universe is asking for you to let go of the past and some fears in order to expand into harmonious relationship with either yourself, your partner, your family, your work relations etc. Wherever Libra (Jupiter in Libra) lies in your natal chart is where you have the greatest potential to expand your relations. This will only occur if you’re willing to let go. With the new moon in Leo approaching, allow your heart to lead you to your truth of what you soul is ultimately seeking. Take time to meditate to recognize and release some blockages in order to set your intentions to create anew. Remember you have the ability to manifest your reality, especially when you do this within your own comfort, within your truth and when you are uniquely you.

StayLit, Loves.

Daily Astro-Meditative Mantra
“I feel at peace in releasing what no longer serves me to express what is uniquely me.”
(Temperance) Sun Conjunct Mars + Sun Square Uranus + Sun Trine Chiron + Mars Trine Chiron + Jupiter Square Pluto

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