I feel confidence in the power of my thoughts and emotions. | Self Care Meditaiton

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Do you recognize the power of your inner wealth? Your thoughts and emotions alone are the elements that have been creating your reality. Based on your beliefs and thoughts, this is what shapes your emotions and with todays astrological alignment these two vibrations are being lit towards shaping your future. So why not work your magic by first shifting our mindset towards a positive perspective by simply counting what it is you are grateful and thankful for to then emote better emotions. Through this simple mindful practice, you are already being the magi in your life shifting where your internal compass guides you and eventually shiifts your reality. In doing so, you are directing your energetic force towards your power potential. Our vital force is being illuminated for us to be fearless and push forward to what creates security in our lives. With Mars and the Sun aligned in Cancer, our focus are on matters of comfort and what makes you secure. To attract our comforts we must move in a secure fashion of feeling good and vibrate within positive emotions as you are fearless in moving forwards. In your fearlessness and being uniquely you, nurture what makes you feel free to express your radical approach that ensures progression. A healing element occurs when you are true to your expression which ushers feelings of renewal and self- acceptance. Be true to what you are communicating as Mercury in Leo speaks from the heart which signifies your commitments with Saturn positively aspecting our thoughts. What you are communicating from your heart is now being crystalized in lasting form which grounds your thoughts into concrete reality.

With this energy there is a serious tone to what is being said & our concentrated efforts are now being focused on our truths. You are mentally profound today so take responsibility towards your ideas as they take on lasting form. Your communicative efforts are lit as Venus in Gemini positively aligns to expansive Jupiter. This denotes that your curious yet playful approach positively grows your beliefs towards where opportunities lies in harmonizing what you value into your life. Flirt with what you want and be high-spirited and optimistic. In doing so, joy becomes abundant and fruitful where the opportunity for romance and your finical well being has great potential to bear fruits. Be cautious towards how you move as your emotions and thoughts are ignited within your awareness. As Mars our actions and Uranus, shock-factor, are in a challenging aspect, expect the unexpected. These two energies together are creating great excitement in the air that has the potential to lead to carelessness that can manifests in forms of accidents or emotional outbursts. Use this energy instead as a means to push forward and breakthrough any challenges within your life. Be a visionary and allow your passionate nature to direct and drive you towards your envisioned future. Remember you are already victorious in what you are pursuing. Keep this thought in mind and within your heart to create a better reality that awaits you.

StayLit, Loves.

Daily Astro-Meditative Mantra
“I feel confidence in the power of my thoughts and emotions.”
(6 of Wands + The Moon) Sun Conjunct Mars + Sun Square Uranus + Sun Trine Chiron + Mercury Trine Saturn + Venus Sextile Jupiter + Mars Square Uranus

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