Where love resides, trust where it guides | As Above So Below Meditation Mantra

Where love resides, trust where it guides. Recognizing this mantra allows you to make a choice where your heart lies. This resonates deeply with the cosmos aspects today as the Moon, our instinctual awareness is in positively alignment with Mercury, our thoughts. What you feel brings validity and attraction to what you love as Venus heightens your magnetic ability through your emotions. StayLit, Love and keep your emotions lit with positive affirmations and thoughts. When your mind and heart is in alignment, you become more aware of sensitives which allows you to inner-stand and make decisions. With trust in mind, be confident in your views as you begin to set forward motion to rejuvenate your manifestation capabilities. In doing so, you are igniting your drive to act as Mercury is in close alignment to Mars. This denote a more alert mind that is secure with creating comforting as both planets transits the nurturing sign of Cancer.

As your emotions aligns with your mindset, Mercury opposing Pluto brings a rejuvenated sense to the collective’s mindset.  This energy will likely manifest where different forms of communication will cause profound and intense changes to another. Be cognizant of the power of your thoughts as it holds a deep sense of empowerment and transformation. With Mars in trine to dreamy Neptune, feel free and allow your imagination to carry you through your daily meditations or visualizations and even with creative writing. Be sure to ground your actions by tapping into creative activities to manifest your best creative side today. Speaking of actions, with Mars opposing Pluto, this will give you the nature to manifest more as you become deeply aware. With this energy, I encourage you to direct your actions in ways that leads to understanding, healing and regeneration. Find your way to do so with your what drives your actions. StayLit, Loves.

Daily Astro-Meditative Mantra

“Where love resides, trust where it guides.”

(6 of Cups - 9 of Wands - The Lovers) Moon Sextile Mercury + Moon Trine Venus + Mercury Conjunct Mars + Mercury Opposition Pluto + Mars Opposition Pluto  

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