I feel my creative power connecting when I am in alignment | As Above So Below Meditation Mantra

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How are you setting yourself to attain your hearts desire? Are you stressing yourself with deadlines or is it by creating comfort to attract what your heart truly yearns for? With the approach of the latter, you are more in-tuned to receive the vibration you are seeking to manifest. Taking a nurtured and careful approach is vital to the catalytic fire energy coming next month. This especially resonates with the cosmic alignment we are experiencing now with many planet in the emotional secured sign of Cancer. If you recognize the characteristics of Cancer, it operates on what makes it feel good and expresses that through the creation of feeling secure in its personal comforts. I encourage you to embody this energy and release any pressure or stressful circumstances that restores your energy. Feel empowered with the progress and momentum you are creating. Recognize that unnecessary pressure has no benefit in manifesting your goals.

Your best creations are made when you are careful with your feelings and of others. Remember, we are all in this together, so be mindful of the impact you have on others, especially on the the emotional affects. You gain more when you take your feelings and other emotions into account. This reflects your self-care approach and its manifestation towards the way it shows up in your life when relating to others. In this awareness, your mindset and actions has profound affects as Mercury and Mars opposes powerful Pluto. This denotes that recognizing your personal power has the capacity to influence others in ways you may not realize. Use this aspect positively and be open to possible business and partnership prospects as you have the power to create profound connections. Through your actions, be generous as your power lies in this act in manifesting greater results. Attain what you desire through your true power of taking a balanced approach. In doing so, you are creating reciprocity between you and others which manifests a dynamic approach that ultimately benefits both parties powerfully.

StayLit, Loves. 

Daily Astro-Meditative Mantra

“I feel my creative power connecting when I am in alignment.”

(The Magician - 6 of Coins) Mercury Opposition Pluto + Mars Opposition Pluto  

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