I feel confidence to know everything is working in my favor | As Above So Below Meditation Mantra

Recognize that everything is working out in your highest favor. No matter how that may look like at this present moment, acknowledging this mantra, automatically shifts your mindset to a space that is liberating your mind. With today’s moon transiting in the detail-orientated and flawless sign of Virgo, our emotions are grounded and prepared to do the work effectively that is leading you to begin reaping the seeds of intention planted from the new moon in Cancer. Look back at the Cancer New Moon mantras under your sign to see what areas of your life you should continue setting your intentions towards manifesting.

In doing so, release any restrictions that is not effective to your growth and take on a courageous approach towards your goals. Move with confidence as Mercury the communicative planet is igniting your drive, Mars. Your mentality has great potential to expand, where creative writing denotes to be a great activity that helps you to relate with others. As Mercury is in a challenging aspect to Jupiter (opportunity), an over optimistic mentality can dominate your thoughts to which you may want to act fast before thinking matters through. Instead allow writing to be your best form of communication so that you have the opportunity to analyze and plan your growth potential. With Neptune, our ideals, in contact with Mercury, our mindset, allow your intuitive side to be an inspiration to your creativity. It is not the best time to make important decisions as you may be prone to missing some details with Neptune involved. Instead, use this energy to relax your mind. Allow music to inspire you, visualize your ideas through meditation or recite a mantra through meditation to activate the best use of this energy.

Our actions are carrying similar vibes of   our mentality especially when it comes to the direction you take towards your grow and beliefs. With this energy, it is best to be mindful of moving abruptly. Instead, take caution and make use of your communicative skills by planning your course of actions and direction. Let go of any confusion this push-pull energy may cause and rather feel your way through, analyze, look at the details to find your way towards what feels safe to you and what is comfortable and secure. Recognize that your intuition is lit, so let it ignite your inner wealth to innerstanding the rhythm within which ultimately leads you to reap the rewards you have sown. StayLit, Loves.   

Daily Astro-Meditative Mantra

“I feel confidence to know everything is working in my favor.”

(8 of Swords - Page of Wands - Knight of Swords) Sun Sextile Moon + Mercury Conjunct Mars + Mercury Square Jupiter + Mercury Trine Neptune + Mars Square Jupiter + Mars Trine Neptune

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