Filling Your Heart With Joy | Leo Full Moon Total Eclipse


So you went ahead and allowed joy to take the lead right? Hopefully that is your truth as the Leo Full Moon made a total Lunar Eclipse bringing a culmination of a new cycle that is set with the intent to lead you toward your hearts truth. We have officially made it as this Leo- Aquarius lunar and nodal axis series have come to an end handing over the torch to the Cancer-Capricorn nodal axis that began in early January new moon cycle. What this denotes is that there is a high energetic vibration being ushered in the manner of a grand closing and grand opening of themes within your life. As this energy lasts for several weeks, you will find the big endings occurring, if you haven’t already experienced this, to matters or circumstances that does not serve your hearts true intent. What doesn’t make sense must go, and while you’re at it, have fun with these changes and why not pour yourself a glass of champagne as you close the door on that chapter of your life to enter one that feels comfortable and right.

For the last cycle, it seems that as a collective there has been much seeking outside of ourselves for validation. But now we are being called to go within as this Leo Full Moon Lunar Eclipse is grandly illuminating how are we truly feeling. Especially as the Cancer North Node leads our destined path of ascension, its theme denotes us to be in a space - be it within our careers, relationships, homes, family, you name it - must all be one we feel emotional comfortable and authentically secure. Even when you may not know how things will turn out, especially as the Leo Total Lunar Eclipse is occurring while the Sun is in a challenging aspect to dynamic Uranus, expect the unexpected. Simply go with the flow of surprises that may occur and settle in a place of what ultimately feels true to you.

Random is good sometimes and the universe is asking you to embrace this instead of going against these changes affecting future that allows you to be your true original self. In this notion, what you value and find passionate is positively aligning this shift to be a harmonious one as Venus trines Mars. Relationship themes should go very well, whether there are new beginnings or endings. The emphasis of growing love over passion and drive serves a better intention. Especially as Venus is in a challenging aspect to Neptune, letting go can be easy yet illusions may prevail with the things that you value. Instead, be sure to nurture a creative idea rather than subjecting yourself to a state of overindulgence. In doing so, allow your drive to expand to be marked with your desire in achieving your goals as Mars in Aries is in trine to Jupiter in Sagittarius. Big moves are energizing us to initiate the changes this shift has been implying, so add optimism to your drive and recognize that you can do whatever you feel courageous enough to initiate. Just recognize that the slow and steady wins the race and the planet of responsibility, Saturn, is challenging you to slow down Mars drive in making these changes.

The need for discipline is necessary towards achieving your goals. So do what you have to do on daily basis and create a routine. Remain grounded, and have faith as Jupiter is in square to Neptune. This aspect advices us to have compassion for ourselves and others when our expansion process may not grow as quick enough. Remember to keep joy by your side through these changes and have fun as Leo rules entertainment our creative selves and having heart in being authentic. Confidence, courage, and creativity rules this shift, so keep this at heart and you are bound to keep it lit loves.

StayLit, Love.

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:: L E O F U L L M O O N E C L I P S E M A N T R A ::

(King of Cups)

“My will to have emotional strength aligns with my internal security.”

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