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New Year, New Moon - Who Dis?

That’s about the vibe we’re ushering in this year as we start off with a partial solar eclipse in the goal-orientated sign of Capricorn. How fitting is it to have this energy at the beginning of the New Year?! It makes perfect sense, though its vital to let go of setting resolutions and rather replace this notion with setting intentions on achieving your goals. This is especially so, as this energy calls for us to bring in new forms of determination that we have yet to embark. Since resolutions are all about re-doing something that was not resolved, this year with the new moon partial solar eclipse energy, we are instead initiating productive results that allows you to ultimately level up onto the new stage of your life.

Though, this comes without true self-awareness as the new moon begins this year’s cycle of the new solar-eclipse series that are associated the Cancer-Capricorn lunar nodes which directs the North Star of our lives. What this denotes is that we are activating some fated events that has to do with our overall security. But with free will, we always have a choice in what we work towards achieving. With this Capricorn new moon partial solar eclipse energy, it is time for you to get in formation and align your responsibilities with what you have been feeling you must work on.

This is especially so, as the Sun conjuncts Saturn which illuminates taking life more seriously. Yet, as the Sun in Capricorn makes a complementary aspect to Neptune in Pisces, this opportunity of determination is fueled by making your dreams a reality. By simply imagining, visualizing and believing in your future, you will have greater insight on creating and shaping your life. The notion so within, so without is the mantra that describes this ritual that works best through meditative practices. Another significant new moon ritual that perfectly aligns with this energy is to create a vision board of images you want to take form in your life. In doing so, you will have a visual conduit to follow on securing your dreams by making a plan that is consistent towards creating this reality.

As Mercury, also in Capricorn makes a positive aspect to Uranus in Aries, recognize that you are being encouraged to release and free yourself from any mental bondages that may block your abilities to communicate your ambitions. Remain disciplined and practice self-mastery by writing out your goals and devise a plan that will practically serve your future self. In doing so, you will see how miraculous the universe can quickly respond to what you broadcast. Rest assure and keep cool in realizing that what you seek is equally seeking you.

As Venus in Scorpio makes a complementary aspect to Chiron in Pisces, what is seemed valuable may seem emotionally painful to let go. Though, in trusting your instincts and intuition, this is where you will align with your personal guiding force that allows you to endure a healing transformation. As you move ahead into this new era, it is also vital to have compassion and have patience for yourself as you work through these changes. Be sure to stay committed to your self-care rituals in order to further secure this new future that ultimately feels just as reliable, both internally and external.

StayLit, Loves. 


“I use my creative power to strategize my conduit to success. ”

(Seven of Coins+King of Wands) 

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