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Your ideas and plans for the future has great potential revolutionize your life as the Sun in Aquarius aligns with Mercury. This conjunction is prime for implementing changes that will liberate and innovate your future. There’s an illumination shining on our mental processes to which active communication will help you pursue what you want to create in the near future. This is a vital time to send that proposal, that resume, to schedule that meeting, or send that email to that can progress your life. Think out of the box & break the confines that does not align with your original self. There is no one like you & that’s why this conjunction is ready for you to present your originality to the world & to your community. With this notion, it is also a good idea to act on these ideas which shows your true belief in self.

As Mars in Aries positively aligns with expansive Jupiter in Sagittarius, taking immediate initiative will seamlessly grow what you’re passionately going after. This is the time to shoot your shot & go for what your gut instincts is telling you. Trust in your gut feeling as it acts as our second brain which gives an accurate feeler of our external circumstances. Stand courageous about what you want and desire. Whether it’s that raise, that special someone, that contract, that home- whatever it may be, go after & assert your independence in doing so as the chances of gaining , with Jupiter involved, is far much greater. As the serious planet of Saturn makes an opportunistic alignment to dreamy Neptune, your dreams are likely to become a reality. If your have been diligently working towards building your dreams, this week you may realize it’s manifestation beyond your imagination.

Release any confusion and simply believe in the work you have been putting in which will soon receive it’s due diligence. And even when you may feel stuck about your career aspirations and life’s goals, start imagining what it may be like in order to align the necessary structures for you to build in order to make what’s imagined a real thing. Know that to you got this, especially when you align all of your magic that relies within your mind, body and soul.

StayLit, Loves.

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“I know my words I start to take action upon has great potential to grow my ultimate happiness.”

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