Lavender Love's Palo | PALO SANTO

Lavender Love's Palo | PALO SANTO


Get excited about your next meditative session with Lavender Love's Palo packaged-pair (2 sticks) which carries the sweetest aromatic fragrance that helps you create a calming vibe you appreciate. Bundled with Palo Santo, known as the 'holy-wood' of the of nature, Palo Santo is widely recognized by the indigenous and ancient tribes as means for energetically cleansing your space while maintaining a grounded aura. Also, accompanied with a clear quartz crystal, Lavender Love’s Palo is made to assist you to raise your vibration as you meditate or simply when you want relax.

To use, unwrap your bundle to cleanse your crystal and light up Lavender Love's Palo herbal pair to ignite a fresh aromatic cleansing space that is ideal for meditation. 

To get the full experience, click here to listen to StayLit, Love's meditative-soul guided meditation playlist.

StayLit, Loves.

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Please use caution when lighting and do not leave flame unattended.