Dream Your Reality | Pisces Full Moon

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Magical illumination is now being revealed and the question is, are tuned in to recognize this soulful vibration? With the full moon in dreamer sign of Pisces, an unseen realm of expansiveness may be emotionally surfacing for you to release what no longer serves you. Mystic changes are ready to manifest the reality you are merging to create as the full moon opposes the practical Sun in Virgo. This is especially so as the grand earth trine activates the Sun, Saturn in Capricorn and Uranus in Taurus to generate practicality that sustains material wealth for your future. In order to connect with Pisces Full Moon energy, which lasts until 9/9, begin your meditative practices.

Reflect on any emotional baggage being dissolved in order to level up your souls greatest calling that shifts your dreams into reality. When initiating this ritual, be sure to validate your dreams by imagining the emotional well-being of your future self. In doing so, you are implementing the magi within you that severs any boundaries between the manifestation of reality from the unconscious mind. Yet when practicing mindfulness, it is vital to remain grounded. Write out your thoughts, feelings, and ideas in order to realign your energy as Mercury transits a challenging aspect to Jupiter to avoid glossing over critical details. Sticking to a sensible script while remaining faithful and believing in your dreams will help progress your manifesting potential greatly especially as the planet of value, Venus, makes a challenging aspect to Pluto. Power plays are prevalent when it comes to the matter of love and relationship, so practice compassion towards what you value to gain a higher stance that demonstrates your internal strength. Ultimately, your vulnerability will reign during the Pisces full moon. Be receptive to what emotions are brought to surface and efficiently release what does not serve you in order to clear the way for your dreams to be your waking reality.

StayLit, Loves.

P I S C E S  F U L L  M O O N  

“I analyze my emotional well being that reflects my physical manifestations. ”

(four of cups+four of pentacles) 

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