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Have you been feeling an ignition of energy from the start of the week? If not, you will, especially if you truly believe in the glow-up the universe is beginning to grant you. With the Moon in the committed sign of Capricorn, we are feeling the sense of getting serious about our emotional wellness & how that helps build your internal strength. It is vital to ground your energy & get real about what you’re manifesting for your future. By Thursday, a beneficial grande earth trine is forming when the Sun leaves Leo & transits into perfecting sign of Virgo which joins Uranus in Taurus with Saturn in Capricorn. This denotes the integrity of your efforts will now yield practical results that has great potential to gain lasting value. Your finances will be a major theme along with the services you are ambitiously attaining. In other words, your internal commitments & thoughts of self- worth will be illuminating your skills of self-improving actions will drive your efficiency.

This week is a potent time to commit towards revolutionizing your perception of self-worth in order to stabilize your resources as Saturn in Capricorn retrograde positive aligns with Uranus in Taurus, also in retrograde. Your internal sense of self determination is being activated by the retrogrades to which an alchemical process highlights your internal wealth so you’re able to create precise outcome you’re willing to express. The transit of Jupiter in Scorpio positively aligning with Neptune in Pisces retrograde also brings awareness to your emotional & spiritual wellbeing for you to stay-lit & remain faithful about your dreams. Regardless of how many changes are needed to make your dreams a reality, realize you have the power to also empower yourself by simply having trust in thyself.

Recognize your intuition has much precedence with this transit, so the practice of meditation & other forms of spirituality will allow you to connect with your inner voice of wisdom which instills truth & faith towards manifesting your deepest desires. In this process, be sure to have compassion for yourself as the upcoming full moon in Pisces this weekend will illuminate some of your sensitivities towards your ambitions. Rather, gain inner authority over yourself by reciting empowering mantras such as the one below in order to transform your mental agility to a higher vibration that results in tangible manifestations.

StayLit, Loves.

Daily Astro-Meditative Mantra

“I perfect internal wealth to alchemize life’s riches.”

(six of cups+king of cups)

Jupiter trine Neptune +Saturn trine Uranus+Saturn square Chiron

foster your illumination

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