Rose - Love | Rose Oil

Rose - Love | Rose Oil


Tap into your self-loving ritual with Rose-Love’s Rose Oil scent!

Made with natural Otto Rose & Rose essential oils that’s combined with our special magnetizing fragrance, get ready to feel and be the attractive force that you are! Especially created to ignite your inner divine feminine energy, Rose Love’s Rose Oil is a scent that draws in your desires when applied with intention. The scent alone is what is also used in our popular Rose-Love- Sex Bomb | Herbal Bath Bomb which already speaks to the drawing effect of this enchanting oil blend.

As roses is historically known for being the flower given to the attractive one, using Rose Love’s Rose Oil as a ritual or for everyday use and even for special occasions are guaranteed to raise your vibration. Magnify your attractive energy by adding Rose Love’s Rose Oil’s fragrance to your décolletage, your neck, shoulders or even rolling within it your palms for an intentional self-care ritual.

StayLit, Loves.

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How to use Rose- Love | Rose Oil with intention Self-Care Rituals 

First, open the bottle and smell the aromatic scent of StayLit, Love’s enchanting rose bud natural essential oil blend to set your intentions for application.

Next, roll just a bit (a little goes a long way!) onto your body where you feel needs the most attention and gently rub into your skin with your intention in mind. 

To take a step further, use can the Rose Love- Rose Oil to treat yourself to a massage by rolling the oil into the palm of your hands and rub your hands together to warm for the larger areas of your body. Then to apply, gently caress the oil around areas like your neck, shoulders and even your brands for a sensual self-loving ritual.

You can also apply by rolling a small amount on each finger tip and gently tap the oil around your body, like around your neck shoulders and décolletage as if you are playing and instrument. 


This product is not to be used on your face and around your eyes as fragrance may cause irritation to sensitive skin.

Have fun and bring joy to your self-care rituals. 

StayLit, Loves