Setting Your Intentions For True Manifestations | GEMINI NEW MOON RITUAL


I think, therefore I am. That is the mantra of the moment as the moon is renewed for us to clearly set our intentions.

This is especially so, as the moon is settled in the sign of Gemini for which the way we communicate to ourselves, to others and to the universe is now vitally projecting your manifestation capabilities. In this notion, consider your mind as a place that is strongly activating your thoughts into motion. The intentions you set during this period are the seeds you are germinating to grow.

So for this new moon cycle, be mindful of your growth potential you want to experience, especially as pertains to its in opposition to expansive Jupiter. What this denotes is what you put out there from your thoughts, beliefs or what is spoken into existence is what is being relayed outside of you which has the opportunity to grow immensely- whether good or bad. So in this notion, be sure to project your higher mind while adding a dose or reality to your thoughts. This is vital, as the dreamy planet of Neptune challenges abundant Jupiter. What this denotes are greater chances of being too idealistic, too dogmatic or even too imaginative within your mind. Instead, it‘s best to put into practice some grounding mechanisms that are necessary in making your intentions a real manifestation to experience.

So for this to occur, I encourage writing your intentions in practical detail to execute your goals in a true abundant fashion. Recognize that having great faith will be major and primarily evident during this new moon, so it’s vital to believe in yourself when setting the intentions you desire to manifest. This is especially so as Venus, the planet ruling your values and what you love is positively aligning with Pluto to powerfully attract influential connections. And to draw in true desires, it must first begin within your internal space of thought. So in addition to your ritual, I also encourage meditating on your goals while imagining yourself being in the space you’re projecting your intentions. Be sure to clear your mind, body and space by smudging with sage in order to cleanse and reset your energy to manifest your greatest potential that starts within your greatest space of your mind.

StayLit, Loves.

:: G E M I N I ♊️ N E W M O O N ::

“I think, therefore I am.”
(The Hermit)

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