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How you gonna win if you’re ain’t right within? Thats right luvs, when I say within or matters of winning, I’m referring to your manifestation capabilities. With the Taurus New Moon activated now and for the next few days, be sure to use this energy to assess  what it is you authentically value. In order to practically manifest with the Taurus New Moon, a reconstruction and release is necessary in making space for what is truly worth your time and energy.  As Saturn and Pluto’s conjunction in the sign of Capricorn makes a seamless aspect to the new moon, it’s best to be patient with this weeding out process to plant new intentions that endures what you can bank on.

Consider this new moon cycle as your garden that will feed you to bring in your greatest return. This is the time to make worthy investments that will materialize in allowing stability and security to take form. In doing so, your productivity in being deliberate with intentions, has greater potential for you to endure and conserve what you are manifesting. Patience is a virtue- is the mantra to have as you are currently attracting updated values of what you love during this this new moon cycle. Especially as it makes its first conjunction to Uranus in Taurus allowing you to feel the new world that is emerging as you co-create with your new moon intentions.

And, since Taurus is the sign that‘s ruled under the planet of Venus, relationships themes are prominent as the moon makes a challenging aspect to Venus in Aries.  What this denotes is perseverance is key to cultivating worthwhile relationships, whereas impulsivity or wanting fast changes can ruin the blossoming of what you’re setting your intentions to grow. Instead, sit pretty and maintain what you have for what it’s worth. In doing so, your capability on remaining grounded and producing real value is what will ultimately attract the abundance of your internal wealth, externally.

StayLit, Loves.

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“I have confidence in attracting what I truly value.”

(Queen of Wands) 

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