Initiating New Legacy - Nipsey Hussle - Aries New Moon Meditation Mantra


Have you been feeling the initiation of a leveling up to the changes before you? That is, with the recent new moon in Aries activating the astrological lunar new year, our emotional body is encouraging us to be brave and step up to the plate in new ways so that you create an updated reality that is structured to benefit how you identify with yourself. As Aries season gives off the energy of initiating stages of establishing oneself, using the mantra - I AM is how you are expressing to the universe of how you are feeling towards beginning a new dynamic start towards your true self-expression. Question yourself - How do I want to show up in this world and what actions does it take for me to do so?

I myself, with many dominate fire energy in my personal natal chart including Aries, have been especially feeling the trajectory of this energizing force to which I am initiating much action towards fully answering these questions while taking the actions to do so. I hope you have been too feeling the need start establishing the actions to take that leads to your fulfillment. Recognize that this is your new moon ritual and task for the coming week. Establish disciplinary actions towards gaining courage + energy to initiate how you want to identify with your vital force of expressing yourself while creating your legacy. Interestingly enough, the universe has given us a great example of how one’s self-expression and courage to initiate new endeavors builds character that has lasting value with rapper, Nipsey Hussle’s passing. It is no coincidence of when a soul decides to transition, considering what season this occurs to which that person’s life gives energy to the current of what its legacy authorizes. In the case of Nipsey Hussle, a stand-up guy that stood for much more beyond his rapping career has created a legacy of taking real action that inspires others to begin taking on similar actions which has been a blueprint and manifesto of how people in disenfranchised neighborhoods can take on real action towards building their neighborhoods the way they see it and having the rights to own all that you create. The timing of his death is profound to show the Saturnian energy that is in square to the Aries New Moon, giving a challenging current that induces real change in showcasing a disciplined character that built and leads true legacy.


Considering this Aries season, we are all called to be courageous, have integrity and confidence towards initiating any challenge that we all know must be endured. With discipline, responsible Saturn’s energy is calling for you to release the sense of being impulsive. Also with Saturn and Pluto conducting the south node, there is a need to do what truly feels right to you personally rather than only doing because it looks right or shows “status”. Be your true to yourself while keeping a regimented flow that allows you to pace yourself to practice self-care while doing and being with the people you love. This way, you can continue to feel energizing in your well-being that allows you to win the race the universe is already setting you up to reign. 👑

StayLit, Loves.

A R I E S | N E W M O O N | A S T R O | M E D I T A T I O N | M A N T R A

“I am accepting the emotional shift that leads my to fulfillment.”

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