New Balance, New Values | Libra Full Moon Astro-Meditation Mantra


Have you been feeling the sense of change in the air that is being initiated? With the current full moon in Libra, a new balance is being realized by a fresh outlook on how you value yourself and others. This is especially so as the full moon has been activated by the Spring Equinox starting a new season where equal parts illumination from the sun during the day and by the moon at night give us the indication that necessary balance between masculine and feminine energies must be equally adjusted for this energetic shift. Relationships and partnerships takes much precedence now so take notice of what you are valuing and what you are attracting in regards to your future self. Your current actions are determining your self-worth while Venus in Aquarius challenges Mars in Taurus. This denotes that your needs and wants are at a cross-roads asking you to make a refined choice that will ultimately attract the results you will be pleased with for now and in the future. That is, with every full moon it is a time release what no longer serves you in order to make space for what will.

Take advantage of initiating these changes this week as the Libra full moon is marked as supermoon, making this energy much potent and long-lasting well into the end of the weekend. Your best self-care ritual I would encourage is to take the time to meditate. Releasing confusing energy is vital now in order to gain clarity and be able to discern what you are sensing. Remember that Mercury is still retrograding in Pisces as it conjuncts its ruling planet, Neptune making logical thinking difficult. This is a potent time to trust your intuition and have compassion to what is being communicated even when you sense deception. Remember to be the flow that knows and this is where you have the opportunity to gain peace of mind by trusting your inner guidance. To further enhance this innate gift, recite the astro meditation mantra below as you smudge your space and/or aura cleanse your body with a bath ritual.

Recognize that this is time of release of which letting go of old structures that use to control you is currently transforming. Make the decision to liberate yourself from what others think by valuing your original ideas of your hopes and dreams. Dare to be bold and stand on the side of what your future self will thank you for by initiating your new values now. Realize that necessary balance is being restored between your divine masculine and divine feminine energy and how you are identifying with yourself is going through much rapid healing. In this instance, be kind to the divine masculine energy so that you’re able to make the best judgment call that will ultimately bring balance and harmony to your overall wellbeing.

StayLit, Loves.   

:: L I B R A ♎️ F U L L M O O N :: 

Astro - Meditation Mantra

“My decision of valuing my divine feminine energy brings balance to reawaken my divine masculine energy.”

(Ace of Cups+Judgement) 

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