Purifying Self-Care Rituals | Virgo Full Supermoon

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Are you ready to purify what is no longer needed in your life? In this moon cycle, it is time to discern what is there to stay and what needs to go in order to do the work that will produce efficient results. With tonight’s full moon in the practical sign of Virgo, you will find a specified area of your life where necessary self- improvement is important for you to attain your dreams. The indication of the Sun now in Pisces opposing the Virgo full moon highlights the contrasting relationship you are feeling between the objective/subjective, the dull/emotional and the practical/unrealistic.

With all planets moving forward and none in retrograde motion, this is a vital time to complete pushing forwards so that you can practically harvest your rewards in the near future. Recognize that tangible results await you when you are willing to put in the work as the Sun in Pisces complements Mars in Taurus. Stay efficient with and weigh out the options towards what is worth your energy. In doing so, be open to expect the unexpected as rapid changes are in store as the Sun complements the shock-value planet of Uranus.

As you prepare for what is to come, some effective rituals for this moon cycle (lasting until the next new moon- March 6) must be approached with diligence for creating healthy habits that will allow you to cleanse and purify your mind, body and soul. For example, when you organize and clean your personal space, then smudge it with some aromatic sage, you are participating in a practical purifying ritual that releases negativity. Another example is to cleanse the body/temple by incorporating fruit smoothies to maintain a healthier diet that contains more natural organic options. Recognize that detoxing the body from toxins is powerful purifying method when you take a salt herbal bath which aids with distressing while also releasing negative energy. And most of all, having a clear mindset that helps you let go of any worries is vital for your consciousness and subconscious mind. Carrying a clear quartz crystal or lighting up white candles brings peace and clarity to the mind space so that you can listen to your higher self and inner guidance as you meditate. In doing these rituals, recognize that you are sustaining and communicating your comic presence through these alchemical practices of catering to your self-care ritual. With this self-awareness, remain conscientious to know that this vibration of servicing yourself is ultimately leading you to a space of flawlessness.

StayLit, Loves.

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