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Still receiving and taking on matters with ease while you manifest what is best for you is certainly the vibe for this week. Be confident in recognizing that what you have been working for is here for you when you stay true to your authenticity. With over 5 planets in retrograde, the notion of self-care and your internal well-being is emphasized greatly for attracting all that you desire externally. Universal law states: So within is so without, and As above, So below. This is the motto, especially when the completion of a trifecta of eclipse season will come to wraps this weekend. This time is truly karmic to which the eclipses are all connected to our destined paths as the moon’s nodal axis are activated. You are now walking into a new path in your life, so be sure to allow your internal radiance to guide you in order to receive the goodness your soul and what your hearts desires is ready for.

Recognize it all starts within on how your surroundings are shaped. You totally have the will-power to shine your best light that will illuminate the path you want to create. This is the time to manifest your what you want from within and the more ease you apply, the better your results.  Especially as Venus and Mars are transiting in great harmony this week. Know that what you value and find beauty & love in, will all be easier for you to commit your will for a long time. Especially partnerships will be highlighted this week as Venus shifts into its home sign of Libra. This denotes that committed partnerships will hold greater value to you, of which the truth and balance of these relationships will be illuminated for a great start moving forwards. In doing so, recognize that when stabilizing your valued partnerships some healing factors are due to occur as the ego and willpower along with your confidence is due to gain a boost as Mars in Capricorn positively aligns with Chiron in Aries Rx.

It is vital to remain grounded through these growth opportunities as over-doing things and ego exaggerations make take place with the Sun in Leo transiting Jupiter in Scorpio in a challenging aspect. It is best to keep the faith rather in what you are manifesting while being mindful to overcome any egoist tendencies. Recognize that your actions may be skewed by challenges as Mars squares Uranus in Taurus also reinforcing the notion of remaining grounded while taking more reliable approaches towards your long-term goals. Slow and steady wins the race at this time, especially when so many planets are in retrograde. Taking care of your self in order to shine your best light and put your best foot forward is how you will gain. Remember that rest is a major part of self-care of which you are able to re-charge you god/goddess body that allows your growth opportunities to manifest into your greatest dreams.

Faith is also a major factor this week as the two most spiritual planets, Jupiter and Neptune are transiting harmoniously. This denotes that your emotional well-being is a major indicator of how your spiritual core remains lit. Take the opportunity to illuminate your internal light through meditative and visualization practices which allows your emotions to transmit the energy of wellness and peace. In doing so, realize that the universe responds greater to our internal bodies, so be mindful to tune your energy to a space that is always ready to receive the abundance you have been realizing thus far.

StayLit, Loves

:: Daily Astro-Meditative Mantra ::

“My will to practice self-care prepares the alignment of my knowing potential.”

(Four of Swords+The High Priestess)

Sun sq Jupiter+Venus Trine Mars + Mars sq Uranus + Mars sextile Chiron+Jupiter trine Neptune+Saturn trine Uranus+Saturn square Chiron

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