5 Practical Purposes for Sage Smudging

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It has dawned on me, while I’m in my office co-working space about some of the practical purposes sage smudging offers. That occurred when a member came to my office, which always has all kinds of aromatic scents from the essential oils and flowers. He wanted to purchase an item that can help him with an odor issue in his office. I immediately suggested the Eucalyptus Lit Sage Stick as an option that will keep him invigorated while removing the weird odor in his office. Clearly, smudging is was a better option than spraying Lysol as it is a natural alternative that is not made of toxic chemicals but with natural flowers and herbs. So here are 5 Practical Purposes for Sage Smudging.


1. Air Purification


Studies have shown by scientist that the practice of burning sage aka smudging is one that improves your air quality. That is, when the fire smoke is released from burning sage, it creates an alchemical property that is reported to remove over 90% of toxins within your airspace! It is no wonder vintage shop owners love this product as it releases old energy and toxins to ensure a refreshed wardrobe,

How about we give it up for smudging to easily purify your air-space?



2. Natural Air Freshener

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With StayLit, Love’s Lit Sage Sticks, we remixed the sage smudging experience by creating one that is more fragrantly appealing and aromatic. By carefully wrapping the sage wand with flowers, herbs, and its essential oils, it makes total sense that you have yourself a natural air freshener. This is especially so to which you are using natures natural element to freshen your space with fire and smoke for daily usages.

Say your final farewell to toxic spray cans that are harmful to the environment and instead use a Lit Sage Stick to freshen your space, the natural way.



3. Reduces Anxiety & Stress

image via @urbanoutfitters

image via @urbanoutfitters

The smudging experience has been noted by many as an anxiety and stress treatment. Especially with the aromatic components StayLit, Love’s Lit Sage Sticks add air aromatherapeutic herbs, flowers and essentials oils that are made to reduce stress and anxiety. For example, our Lavender Love Lit Sage Stick is a known floral component along with its essential oil that creates a calming atmosphere that alleviates stress and anxiety.



4. They're Decorative!

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Because of StayLit, Love’s Lit Sage Stick beautifully wrapped herbs and florals of sage, many have requested this item to be a centerpiece within their living space. Not to mention, it carries a great fragrance that is now known to be the scent of Brooklyn Commons co-working space.

Not bad for looking good and even smelling good right?



5. Creates the perfect atmosphere for meditating

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As an ancient tool that has been making its way back into our hands, sage smudging was first introduced as an instrument for indigenous spiritual leaders. Before going into a meditative state or within spiritual ceremonies, different tribes would all smudge their airspace in order to clear away negative energy and cleanse their space. This creates a perfect atmosphere for meditating which studies has shown is vital to our overall wellness. Even when some of us may find meditating hard, smudging your space easily creates a calming atmosphere. Be sure to tune to StayLit, Love’s meditative-soul guided meditation that will help you get aligned to tap into an internal space that practically benefits your well-being. 


StayLit, Loves.