Internally Shift & Radiate | Leo New Moon Solar Eclipse Mantra Activation


A bold new you is ready to be illuminated and the question is are you brave enough to truly radiate your willpower that fully expresses your hearts desires? With today's prolific super new moon in the courageous sign of Leo along with a partial solar eclipse the same day, a profound shift towards your creative will is now being initiated. Confidence and internal strength are essential characteristics needed for you to boldly step into your leadership role. The universe is co-creating the opportunity for you to show off your dignified heart of gold as the most beneficial planet, Jupiter, aspects the solar eclipse. Your best bet on seizing this abundance energy before you is to authorize your internal light first in order to regally shine brightly. Patronize your inner world through meditative practices in order to focus on what will bring you great joy. As Leo rules the heart space, there is a major focus on growing your hearts will be based on a focused area of your life.

This strong-willed energetic vibration is due to last for the next 6 months with an unrelenting focus on your true creative expression. Feel determined on setting your intention on what you want to implement as this is a potent time to plant seeds for what you are willing to proudly grow. Success is more likely to be yours if you focus, first internally on how you are going to initiate this glow-up. With Jupiter in Scorpio in a challenging aspect to the new moon, an overestimation of what you can grow has a greater tendency to be exaggerated. You may find yourself to be overly-excited and cheerful about this new burst of energy that has great potential to abundantly grow your life. Though, this goes without deep internal, emotional and even psychological transformation of which it is vital to conserve your energy. Be sure to use a dosage of practicality and remain grounded to avoid any egotistical bossy and/or domineering attitudes through this intense glow up you will soon experience.

To avoid these challenges, I encourage self-care practices that are bound to serve your internal wealth faithfully to cultivate your vital energy. Know that it is imperative to not to fall lazy on nurturing your inner kingdom so that you can truly reign sincerely. Remain strong-willed and step into the leadership role of creating the life of your heart desires. This is especially so as Venus in Libra is in a challenging aspect to restrictive Saturn in Capricorn. Hardships and a sobering reality of circumstances may occur towards what you are attracting regarding relationships and finances. Stay firm to commit to your responsibilities in gaining what you truly value. To initiate your new moon in Leo solar eclipse ritual, implement a self-care regimen this week to which you are creating your personal space that expresses creativity. Define what self-care means to you and get creative as you take pride in treating yourself to this vital new moon ritual that is regal, theatrical and even dramatic. And when you have created this benevolent space, boldly recite the mantra below to activate your unrelenting authority to illuminate the dignified reign that is set before you.

StayLit, Loves.


“My will to foster my inner kingdom ignites my inevitable glow-up.”

(Tarot: 3 of swords+King of Cups)

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