Foster Your Internal Illumination | Aquarius Full Moon Lunar Eclipse

Get familiar with this massive shift of consciousness that is progressing your future life starting now. With today’s historical lunar eclipse aligning the Earth, Sun and Moon at exactly 4°44’ for a total of 1 hr 23 min - this makes today’s lunar eclipse the longest recorded one for the century. This phenom denotes that today’s energy is especially potent towards becoming the turning point that will greatly affect the progression of your life. Though, this high energetic vibration goes without your consent and the current frequency you’re emitting from within. As the full moon transits the mature air sign of Aquarius, there is an internal culmination that illuminates a greater sense of inner knowing that allows you to detach from emotions that no longer serve your ascension as you make space for your liberation to take place how ever that shows up in your life. As todays’ lunar eclipse makes a strong alignment to Mars in Aquarius retrograde, this calls for creating an internal peace that attracts the energetic vibration you want to co-create with the universe.

Strategy is vital to this process along with realigning your thoughts to do so as Mercury went into retrograde yesterday. This is especially so, as the full moon is tied to the current transiting nodes which makes today very much karmic. With the South Node in Aquarius and the North Node in Leo, a recalibration of your karmic path is now being activated. What you are experiencing now has a fated mark in your life, yet how you are reacting emotionally and what your current thoughts are now is what will form your future life. During times like this, it is vital to go within and be still in fostering your internal life through meditation, prayer, and visualizing your future. Let your heart lead you as the North Node in Leo is creating the path for you to connect to your to higher self to align with your virtue. With the South Node in Aquarius closely transiting the full moon, it is best to detach oneself from any emotions that allows you to care too much about what others may think.

The changes you are making internally is due to manifest in ways you may not even imagine. The process of how matters may result is based on your reaction of either resisting or going with your interning knowing of the change that has to be made. Either way, your best bet is to allow your heart to be your guiding light of which true courage, bravery, confidence, and self-love are the key components needed to establish your best future life. This is especially so when you’re seeking to make progress that encourages new values as Uranus, Aquarius’s ruling planet makes a challenging aspect to the lunar eclipse. For what its worth, this denotes that the changes you are allowing to occur within your personal life are how you will ultimately liberate and heal yourself.

Rest is a vital self-care practice to put in use for this period until the next eclipse within the next 2 weeks. In the meantime, meditate and start your Lunar Eclipse full moon ritual by reciting the mantra to make space within that will attract a new value system the universe is aligning for you to manifest your best-secured future.

StayLit, Loves.


“My will to foster my internal wealth brings value to my hearts desires.”

(Tarot Energy Pull: Knight of swords+Ace of swords+Ace of cups) 

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