Empowering Your Internal Wealth | Cancer New Moon Solar Eclipse


How are you receptive to transforming your emotional needs to empower your wealth of well-being? With the tonight’s new moon in Cancer, the universe is calling you to renew your emotional state that will ultimately make you feel strong and proud. This is especially so as Cancer’s ruling luminary/planet, is the moon. While closely in conjunct to the intense planet of Pluto, this denotes that your emotional state is now being magnetized to begin a new evolution beyond your comfort. It is time to be open to your hidden gems that you haven’t explored emotionally. Even when your old ways of reacting becomes your security blanket, trust that some discomfort can also provide you with more power to gain. Especially as the most abundant planet, Jupiter in Scorpio has gone direct, transforming your emotional state has great potential to draw in your deepest desires.

As the partial solar eclipse makes this new moon very potent, it calls for you to level up your emotional strengthening. Particularly when there may be many over-emotional responses and insecurities running rampant, your strength lies in mastering your emotions. Recognize that you have the potent force to power through any radical changes to fortify your instinctual awareness. Question is, are you ready to ante-up your emotional intelligence? With this powerful transit of the partial solar eclipse, the universe illuminates a new beginning that lasts for the next 6 months which ushers in the themes of family dynamics, emotional memories, our roots, intuition, important women of your life - including mothers and ultimately how you nurture yourself with self-care. Recognize the vitality of your inner resource and emotional state. How you react to this cycle of evolutionary transformation will determine how powerful you are in magnetizing what it is you truly desire.

Be sure to find value in your current moods to build a solid internal nature. In doing so, remain determined in attracting your life’s hopes and wishes that ultimately allows you to discover your hidden gifts. Even when it may be in some of the most uncomfortable places and in darkness, trust that will find you light which leads you to your most empowered internal self.

To start setting the intentions towards strengthening your emotional foundation, recite the Astro-Meditation Mantras below that are designed for each zodiac sign. StayLit, Loves. 

A R I E S 

4th house (the star)

I am healing my emotional core with my greatest hopes & wishes. 


3rd house (the moon)

I find value within my intuitive nature & trust what I feel.  


2nd house (3 of cups) 

I think it's worth celebrating the abundance I feel. 

C A N C E R 

1st house (6 of wands)

I am as confident and empowered as I feel.

L E O 

12th house  (8 of wands)

I will claim every and all the dreams I believe in. 

V I R G O 

11th house (queen of swords)

I analyze my truth within that relates to my community. 


10th house (2 of wands)

I balance my ambitions to go after inspired desires.

S C O R P I O 

9th house (8 of swords)

I want to release any worries that impede my emotional growth.

S A G I T T A R I U S 

8th house (the world)

I recognize the lesson & transformation that makes me feel empowered.  


7th house (justice)

I use my balanced state of emotions to bring secure my relationships.

A Q U A R I U S 

6th house (king of coins)

I know practicing the habit of being emotional intelligence progresses my well-being.

P I S C E S 

5th house (knight of wands)

I believe that my creativity has the power to quickly manifest my unconditional love. 


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