Enhancing Your Emotional Intelligence | Astro-Meditation Mantra

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Emotional intelligence and your intuition is your superpower today and also for the coming week. With a grand water trine activating your emotional wealth and your instinctive awareness, recognize that this is a notion you can totally trust. Being in the flow with matters is how you can communicate greater emotional intelligence. Rather than causing friction with emotional reactions, the universe is pushing you to take the higher road and flow with the grand water trine of Venus in Cancer, Jupiter in Scorpio and Neptune in Pisces. This denotes a highly beneficial aspect to our emotional states to which the universe is activating your value in emotional comforts, the abundance in transformation and your dreams that are being realized by your beliefs. Tune into the higher vibration of your emotions by taping within. As the sun continues its transit in the communicative sign of Gemini, it is best to keep your emotions light. Recognize that your internal wealth is speaking to you through your intuition.

To activate this divine communication, be sure to practice meditation or recite some of your favorite mantras/affirmations to rise above lower emotional states. Use emotional intelligence to shift your vibration to higher consciousness. Collectively, we are able to detach ourselves from our emotions & feel united to elevate your emotional state that inevitably brings progress to us all. Recognize that communication is key as the Sun is in a tight aspect to Mercury. Now is a vital time to communicate your truth in a manner that is clearly relayed as the sun illuminates your expression both verbally & non-verbally. This is especially so, as Mars in Aquarius is in a tight aspect to the Moon. This denotes the actions you are initiating today based on your emotions are currently showcasing your future self. It is best to take the cool approach and remain logical towards the greater good for you & your community.

With your reactions & actions you take on today, it is vital to think about how it affects your future. I encourage engaging in activities that activate your higher mind in order for you to radiate the wealth you have within. As you do so, create greater self-worth by attracting matters that magnifies your love of self as Venus positively aligns with Neptune. This transit activates a higher octave of love to which universal love is the greater manifestation of this energy.  Good vibes are all around to participate in this divine energy. Romance is also indicative for this transit so be sure to show your honey some love. Though be sure that this high vibrations of love that is being emitted is at its highest when its coming from you, for you.

Always check- in practicing self-love at any time by recognizing the feelings and thoughts you have for yourself. So be sure to shift that energy to match the love of self at its greatest frequently simply by being your divine self. Remember when you show love to yourself, the universal law of attraction always finds a way for the world to show you more love than you can imagine. Believe it, practice it as it is inevitable.

StayLit, Loves.

Daily Astro-Meditative Mantra
“I think love, therefore I am an expression of love.”
(King of Wands)

Grand Water Trine, Sun Conjunct Mercury in Gemini, + Moon Trine Mercury + Venus Trine Neptune + Jupiter Trine Neptune

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