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A pleasant reminder that caters to your well-being is an act of self-love to which everyone will eventually benefit but most importantly for your own advantage. Especially as we move into a major retrograde season this summer as a personal planet, Mars will start its retrograde this coming week. What this denotes is that this is a period of which the actions we take will be internally driven instead of externally. The universe is asking you to take the time an plan out what you want to act on instead of impulsively initiating new ventures. Instead, it is a time of reflection, relaxation, reassessing, realigning, realizing, reigniting, reuniting, or one of release. The main indication is that any planetary retrograde is a moment of slowing down to regain awareness of matters of the past that you can make better when its time to move forward.

With Mars Rx in the progressive sign of Aquarius, I encourage visualizing your future before taking action. Your higher mind is being activated with Mars Rx in Aquarius to which your internal drive towards your future has greater potential to attract what it is that you're hoping and wishing for. The counterpart of Mars energy is Venus which rules our attraction factor. In recognizing this, your ability to attract what you hope for is far greater when you are in a position of knowing. Recognize that your internal presence your projected thoughts has the ability to magnifying your projected wishes.

This is a good time to rest easy and commune with your friends or tribe in order to implement plans of actions. This period is great for taking god(dess) baths as you meditate to attract your future. As Aquarius is a progressive sign, be open-minded about liberating your future in order to realign your path towards the new you’re internally creating. In knowing this, recognize that retrogrades are ultimately an inside job. Your plans of action with Mars Rx are the moves you are initiating to generate your progression now. As you move forward, be sure that self-care are one of the major actions you will continuously take in order to manifest better circumstances that your future self will thank you later.

StayLit, Loves. 

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